'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite wrote love poem to Osama Bin Laden in diary

A handwritten copy of terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite's so-called "jihadi manual" has been uncovered.
Posted By Caroline Lee  |  Oct. 23, 2013 at 9:48 AM
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(UPI) -- A diary from the woman police think may have been involved in September's mall attack in Kenya has been uncovered, revealing her as a woman that admired Osama bin Laden and wished her children would become "holy warriors."

Samantha Lewthwaite, the British woman-turned-Islamic terrorist, became known as the "White Widow." She may have been one of the terrorists that attacked the Westgate Mall in Kenya, leaving 69 people dead.

Lewthwaite, 29, rented an apartment that overlooked the mall. When police searched her apartment, they came across a computer that contained a love note to bin Laden and Google searches ranging from diet trends to bomb-making to having hair like Taylor Swift.

A handwritten copy of her "jihadi manual" was also uncovered, having been translated to English by one of Lewthwaite's recruits. The diary of death includes a code of conduct for holy warriors that Lewthwaite indoctrinated, teaching young Muslim followers about her version of "loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and courage."

The section on loyalty includes the following: “A loyal individual does the following: Truthful to Allah and his laws, puts the obligations in the correct order -- the religion before himself; doesn’t manipulate the system for personal advantage and carries out tough orders without expressing personal criticism.”

Interpol has now added Lewthwaite, who also goes by Natalie Faye Webb, to its most-wanted list. The agency issued a red notice today for her at the request of Kenyan authorities. She is believed to be hiding in Tanzania or Somalia.

Lewthwaite is the widow of Germaine Lindsay, one of the four people involved in the 2005 London bombing that killed 52 people.

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