Dad weeps with joy over son's report card in viral video

Watch this dad's heartwarming reaction to his son's improved report card.

Kate Stanton

(UPI) -- It's hard being a parent, especially when children bring home failing report cards. But after months of trying to raise his math grades, one British high school student was able to make his father burst into joyful hysterics with his report card.

It's all captured on hidden camera.


"Is that real?" his dad explains when he see's his son's C grade.

Ariamark, the YouTuber who uploaded the video, explained that he's been trying to raise his failing math grades for a year.

"In England you need a C (pass) to basically do anything with your life," he wrote in the video's caption.

"I've never been amazing academically and have struggled through out school, neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C," he added. "I know some of you might be saying, well an C is nothing but for me it was hard to get."

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