Indianapolis man allegedly kills son after argument about watching football

Argument about watching football turns deadly when 49-year-old David Carrender allegedly fatally shoots Wyatt Carrender.
Posted By Evan Bleier  |  Oct. 15, 2013 at 4:54 PM
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(UPI) -- An Indianapolis man was so adamant about staying at a local establishment to watch football that he was allegedly willing to kill his son over the issue.

David Carrender, 49, was arrested on murder charges after his 19-year-old son Wyatt Carrender was shot to death in the family’s Martinsville home.

According to Morgan County Sheriff Robert Downey, the Carrenders were out watching football at a restaurant or bar when they started arguing about whether to return home.

Wyatt wanted to go home; David did not.

The pair did eventually return home but the argument continued.

“It appears the father retrieved a handgun and shot his son, it appears, six times,” Downey said. He indicated that David had been drinking.

The girlfriends of both Carrenders were present when the shooting occurred, Downey said.

"I heard a series of 4-5 gunshots real quick," said neighbor Tony White. "I heard what I assumed was the young boy's girlfriend scream. She was asking him (the father) why he had done it. She was just in terrible shape."

White’s wife witnessed a similar scene earlier this summer. "They got out in the yard and got to fighting, screaming. Someone was yelling, 'Put the gun away, put the gun away.' Nothing really happened after that incident. That blew over.”

It’s expected that formal charges against Carrender will be filed Tuesday and that an autopsy on his son will be performed.

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