Sachin Tendulkar to retire from International Cricket

The Indian cricketeer is set to play his last Test in Mumbai next month.


Famed cricketer Sachin Tendulkar announced he is retiring from the sport that made him famous during an interview with BCCI.

Tendulkar, who is widely recognized as one of the all-time greater cricketers, said the retirement will take place next month after he plays his 200th test against the West Indies.


"I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years," he said.

Tendulkar's decision to retire from international cricket follows his May retirement from the Indian Premier League. The 40-year-old played for the Mumbai Indians since the league's inception in 2008.

According to Forbes, Tendulkar is likely to go down in history as the world's best cricketer since Donald Brandman. The Australian once said that watching Tendulkar play was like watching a mirror image of himself.

Tendulkar’s last match is expected to take place in his Mumbai hometown, likely so that he can retire in front of the fans who cheered for him throughout his 24-year international career.

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