Daniel Radcliffe still crushes on Katy Perry, isn't upset about 'Fifty Shades' casting

The "Harry Potter" star talks to MTV about his ongoing infatuation with Katy Perry.
Posted By KATE STANTON, UPI.com   |   Sept. 12, 2013 at 10:10 PM
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Daniel Radcliffe told MTV on Thursday that his crush on Katy Perry has rendered him speechless.

"Mentally I am very close to Katy Perry, a lot," he said.

I've been in a room with her since and I couldn't say [anything]. I was across a room from her and I was like 'I can't. I can't even say anything you probably seen an interview with me [and] you know these thoughts are in my head. I can't even look at you.'

The 24-year-old actor is right to say that he's been open about his passion for the "Roar" singer in previous interviews. He told Bravo's Andy Cohen last year that she's the one celebrity he would happily stalk.

“It probably would be Katy Perry. And not even, like, ‘I’m a really big fan,’ but in an overtly sexual context," he said at the time.

Speaking of "overtly sexual," Radcliffe also discussed "Fifty Shades of Grey's" controversial casting decisions and wondered why anyone would have wanted him to play suave and kinky Christian.

I literally had someone say to me for the first time today, 'The world's in uproar you're not playing Christian Grey.' And I'm like 'If this is uproar, it's inaudible.' I think there was approximately no people wanting me to play Christian Grey, including myself.

I have to say, no offense to anybody, I'm sure they're going to do a great job on the movie, but it's not something that I think of would have been a good next step for me.

Radcliffe won't have to worry about scrambling for acting roles anytime soon. The young Brit has three films premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, including "Kill Your Darlings," in which he plays gay beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

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