John Leguizamo spent $15K on a fat suit for Pablo Escobar audition

John Leguizamo went above and beyond to convince producers he could play drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in "King of Cocaine."

(UPI Photo/Laura Cavanaugh)
(UPI Photo/Laura Cavanaugh) | License Photo

When "King of Cocaine" producers passed on John Leguizamo for the coveted role of Pablo Escobar, a powerful Colombian drug lord, the 49-year-old actor refused give up.

"The Moulin Rouge" star was born in Colombia, and felt he was made for the part. So when producers turned him down multiple times, Leguizamo went out and bought himself $15,000 worth of prosthetics and a fat suit so he'd look just like the hefty Escobar.


Leguizamo's anonymous audition tape finally caught the attention of Relativity Media execs who asked about the Escobar doppleganger. He got the part soon after.

The lesson here?

"Give it all u got every time!" Leguizamo tweeted Monday.

The actor had previously tweeted about his transformation, showing off before and after Vine's and photos of himself in the makeup chair.

Here he is as Escobar:

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