Dave Chappelle walks off stage after being heckled in Connecticut

Dave Chappelle stormed off the stage Thursday after being heckled by people in the crowd at a comedy show in Connecticut.

Comedian Dave Chappelle. (UPI Photo/Ezio Petersen)
Comedian Dave Chappelle. (UPI Photo/Ezio Petersen) | License Photo

Dave Chappelle was warmly welcomed by the crowd during his first night headlining Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour in Texas last Saturday. But that wasn't exactly the case when the comedian took the stage in Hartford, Connecticut Thursday night.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the former "Chappelle's Show" star was practically booed off the stage by Hartford's unruly crowd.


"All right, you guys,” the comedian said after several failed attempts to quiet the audience. “I like some of you, I hate some of you. I forgive some of you, but I don’t forgive all of you."

"You guys have totally ruined my chances of running for Congress or something. Thank you. good night.”

After a clip of the incident was posted on YouTube, social media users had mix reactions about Chappelle's behavior. While some believe Chappelle shouldn't have walked out, others claim it was the audience's fault.

“He’d already asked the crowd before this (several times) to stop yelling and let him do his set, but certain people in the crowd wouldn’t stop yelling,” commenter Nebula Haze wrote.

"Wow he has lost it,if you can't handle hecklers and keep going with your show then you should get out of stand-up," Jason Sutton wrote.

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