Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz spark rumors with 'casual' Hamptons dinner date


Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz are both single -- as far as anyone knows -- so their dinner at Nick & Toni's restaurant in the Hamptons on Tuesday got the rumor mill churning.

"Eyewitnesses" told Life & Style magazine Wednesday that Segel and Diaz looked pretty cozy at Nick & Toni's and on one occasion, bought groceries together.


But E! News contradicted the reports on Thursday, citing a source who said that Segel and Diaz were actually at the eatery with a third person.

"Jason and Cameron were not romantic at all towards each other, very casual and friendly," the source said.

Segel and Diaz might not be dating, but they do like to work together. The 33-year-old actor and 40-year-old actress both starred in 2011's "Bad Teacher," and they'll appear as a married couple in the 2014 comedy, "Sex Tape."

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