Leif Garrett advises Justin Bieber on how to deal with publicity

Justin Bieber. UPI/John Angelillo | <a href="/News_Photos/lp/f4f9090f94f58298856b6550c4e110bd/" target="_blank">License Photo</a>
Justin Bieber. UPI/John Angelillo | License Photo

Veteran teen idol Leif Garrett has some advice for Justin Bieber. While speaking to Fox 411 the 51-year-old singer said the Bieber shouldn't believe in his own publicity.

"Do not believe your own publicity. Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you," he said.


Asked if he thought there were any similarities between him and the teen idol he said he didn't know.

"I mean our circumstances are quite different," he explained. "This is something he really wanted to do and he achieved it. I was in acting. When you’ve got that sort of power at that young age, and everything at your doorstep, you put out that bad boy image. At that age, testosterone, hormones, all of the money, you see what else you can get away with. He’s also doing a lot of charity work."

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Regarding Bieber's on-again off-again relationship with Selena Gomez and his then on-again off-again relationship with Nicollette, the singer said he could see the parallels.

"[Bieber] rented out the Staples Center for her. Fame, money is what tore us apart," he said. "Nicolette just started modeling. My career was pretty much there. We would get along great or clear rooms. That’s the whole thing with Justin and me. There was no in between…really good or really naughty."


Garret's comments come as as response to the Canadian singer's somewhat odd behavior in recent months. Throughout it all, however, Bieber has insisted that he is fine and even his grandmother has come forward to defend him.

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