Skinny-dippers in Scandinavia warned of testicle-biting fish

Posted By VERONICA LINARES,  |  Aug. 13, 2013 at 2:23 PM
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Male skinny-dippers in Scandinavia are being warned about a fish that enjoys munching on testicles.

Pacu, a South American fish known to be related to the piranha, was found by fishermen in the Danish/Swedish strait of Oresund, according to the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

According to the museum, the Pacu's big teeth are not as pointy as the piranha's but they're certainly strong enough to sever fishing lines and fingers. And even though the fish is vegetarian it often confuses the male reproductive organs with its favorite snack, nuts.

Fish experts claim the Pacus, "bite because they're hungry and testicles sit nicely in their mouth."

Museum officials plan to run further tests on the Pacus found in the fisherman's nets to learn more about the fish. In the mean time they have a suggestions for Scandinavian male swimmers.

"Anyone choosing to bathe in the Oresund these days had best keep their swimsuits well tied."

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