Weiner communications director lays into ex-intern

Posted By CAROLINE LEE, UPI.com  |  July 31, 2013 at 11:54 AM
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It was an angry day in Anthony Weiner's office Tuesday.

The campaign staff started their morning with an article on the New York Daily News bylined by former Weiner intern Olivia Nuzzi, where she stripped down her experience as a Weiner intern.

Nuzzi is a college student and writer and initially published a column on the blog NSFWCORP that said multiple sources on the campaign told her there had been "six departures" from the Weiner camp, which is more than had been publicly disclosed.

She followed up with the Daily News article, in which she said that Weiner incorrectly called several interns "Monica," and that people only worked for Weiner to get closer to his wife Huma Abedin and her strong ties to the Democratic Party.

"Their hope was to make a connection with Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, and thus forge a potential connection to her longtime boss, Hillary Clinton, to get an inside track for a campaign position if she ran for president in 2016," Nuzzi wrote.

Weiner communications director Barbara Morgan was hot to respond, firing off a curse-filled rant while answering an unrelated question in a Talking Points Memo interview.

Warning: Extremely strong language -- that has not been edited because its use is in itself noteworthy -- follows:

Morgan called Nuzzi a fame-hungry "bitch" who "sucked" at her job. She also called her a "slutbag" while threatening to sue her, and later called her a "twat" and a "cunt."

“I’m dealing with, like, stupid fucking interns who make it on to the cover of the Daily News even though they signed NDAs and/or they proceeded to trash me,” Morgan said, referencing the office's non-disclosure agreement.

“And by the way, I tried to fire her, but she begged to come back and I gave her a second chance.”

She continued, saying that Nuzzi performed poorly in her four-week internship.

“She sucked. She wasn’t good at setting up events. She was clearly there because she wanted to be seen. Like it was, like, terrible and I had to like -- she would like, she would just not show up for work,” Morgan said.

“For the four weeks she worked there -- she didn’t work weekends, so 20 days total. Of those 20 days, she missed probably five because she would just not show up and not tell me she wasn’t going to be there.”

Her rant continued, saying that Nuzzi must have worked for the campaign solely to write the story. Nuzzi's editor at NSFWCORP defended her, saying that he had to push Nuzzi to write the story in the first place.

Morgan later apologized for her strong language, saying that she did not think it would be published.

“In a moment of frustration, I used inappropriate language in what I thought was an off the record conversation. It was wrong and I am very sorry, which is what I said tonight when I called and emailed Olivia to apologize,” said Morgan.

Nuzzi accepted her apology on Twitter.

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