First Apple computer sold

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  July 10, 2013 at 4:04 PM
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One of the first computers ever built by Steve Jobs and Seve Wozniak was sold Tuesday as part of a 10-item lot of iconic pieces of Apple history.

The Apple-1 machine was one of 200 computers designed by Wozniak and hand-built by Jobs in Jobs's parent's garage in 1976.

The computer, sold in online auction by Christie's, was purchased by Italian "collector club" Bolaffi for $387,750.

It was signed by Wozniak and is likely to be in the in the first batch 25 Apple-1 computers made, since it does not have a diamond NTI logo etched in the front copper layer that showed up on most of the Apple-1 machines.

The computer originally was priced at $666.66 and was just a motherboard, without a keyboard, transformer, or video display. Wozniak soon designed the Apple II, released in 1977, which would become one of the first mass-produced personal computers.

Other items in the Christie's auction (flip through the slideshow above), were:

- A translucent Macintosh SE Case, sold for $6,250 - A prototype Macintosh Portable Computer, sold for $2,500 - A 20th Anniversary Macintosh, sold for $2,500 - An Apple //e Computer, sold for $1,375 - Early Apple II software: Visicalc and EasyWriter - A prototype Apple //c Computer - A prototype Apple IIGS Computer - A prototype Tiger Learning Center - An Apple Lisa Computer

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