Chewbacca, TSA battle over lightsaber at airport

Chewbacca, TSA battle over lightsaber at airport
Peter Mayhew with his light saber cane and a group of wookies. (Twitter)

Actor Peter Mayhew, best known for his role as Chewbacca, furriest member of the Star Wars gang, harnessed the power of Twitter to get his light saber-shaped cane past airport security.

Mayhew, 69, was on his way back home to Texas after attending Denver ComicCon, when the imperious guards of airports, the much hated TSA, decided to give the actor a tough time.


But Chewie wasn't about to take this abuse laying down, and turned to his 23,000 Twitter followers for some help.

Mayhew posted a photo of the TSA agents, light saber cane in custody.

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Besides, Mayhew pointed out his 7-foot-2-inch frame requires more than just any old cane.


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The agents eventually gave Mayhew his cane back, and once the actor's flight landed in Dallas, he thanked American Airline staff checked with him.

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Let's hope the TSA learned its lesson.

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