Collins twin 'I'm the straight one'

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  May 17, 2013 at 9:55 AM
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When Jason Collins came out to his brother, Jarron, the eight-minutes-younger twin was shocked.

"I missed red flags and everything," Jarron explained on an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, after Kimmel called him out, joking that he didn't "pay attention at all" to his identical twin. "It was the situation where my wife and I kept trying to set him up on dates and he would come back with the weirdest excuses."

But now that Jason is out, going public with his sexuality in the most high-profile way possible, Jarron says he now gets stopped by people confusing him with his brother.

The younger Collins said he once was approached in a bathroom and called by the wrong name.

"I get people looking at me, especially kids, teenagers," Jarron Collins said. "They look at me and they do the double-take."

"They look at their smart phones and double-check for a profile pic. But I would say that the interaction in public has been supportive. It's, 'Hey are you Jason?' 'No, I'm Jarron.' 'I just love what your brother did,' sort of thing."

So Kimmel offered Jarron some help in clearing up the confusion, gifting him a T-shirt reading "I'm the straight one."

And in case there's any question: the shirt -- and Jarron's decision to actually wear the shirt out in Los Angeles -- is all in good fun.

"It'll save me a lot of time," Jarron joked.

Besides, despite his surprise at Jason's homosexuality, Jarron said there was never any question that he would stand by his brother.

"'He’s my twin brother, of course I was going to be supportive of him all the time," Jarron said.

Scroll down to watch Kimmel's interview with the Collins brothers.

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