Ahmed Angel, Iraqi model and photoshop expert, is delighting the Internet


Ahmed Angel's overly photoshopped images of himself have been circulating the Internet for a few months now, thanks to his indulgent use of online editing tools and a striking set of blue eyes. Photos of Ahmed, taken from his personal Facebook page, have generated Reddit threads, a Buzzfeed appreciation post and fevered speculation as to the identity of the man Kotaku dubbed "the most delightfully narcissistic man on Facebook."

There's even a tribute video called "Ahmed is planet."


There's some speculation that Angel isn't even a real person, though his Facebook presence goes back as far as January 2012.

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The International Business Times managed to get a hold of Angel, however, who said that he's an 18-year-old Iraqi medical student currently living in Belarus.

"The most important thing in my life is to study medicine!!!" he said. "And I'm not a model but I'm Top Model !!!" Angel added that he has received "many international contracts to work in cinema and art" as well as fashion agencies but has put his modeling career on the shelf for now.


"I'm busy my studies [sic] so I decided to postpone these offers to another time," he writes.

Angel also took to his Facebook page to extend his gratitude to fans, friends and media outlets for making him an "international star."

Extend my sincere thanks to all the fans and friends for the great efforts To vote for me and published my photos in the most important and the most popular international sites In the world . And now I'm a international star And the most popular ....I love all of you.

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