Ted Bundy geometry questions disturb parents

Posted By Kristen Butler, UPI.com  |  May 2, 2013 at 9:15 AM
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Christina Mattaliano was shocked to discover her son's geometry homework contained questions about serial killer Ted Bundy and his voyeuristic friend Creepy John.

"Serial killer Ted Bundy has a 20-foot ladder leaning against his favorite tree. The ladder makes a 64-degree angle with the ground. What distance up the tree does the ladder reach?"

"Creepy John watches his neighbors with a telescope. Their apartment is 12ft from the ground. John's is 36 ft. If the angle of depression from John's apartment is 47 degrees, how far apart are the two apartment buildings?"

Caleb Starr, the principal at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, confirmed to WPTV the assignments were created by a male substitute teacher who has since been released.

Starr said the substitute wanted to engage students with unique questions, noting that another question referred to Godzilla. He nevertheless said that the teacher, identified by Mattaliano's son as "Mr. Rodgers," would not be coming back to Nathan Hale, though it's unclear if he will continue to substitute at other schools.

Mattaliano says her tenth-grade son was unaware who Ted Bundy was until she told him. "He's a teenager. He wasn't really too worried about it," she said.

Even though it didn't faze her son, she cautions other parents about paying attention to school assignments. "Definitely look at the work they're bringing home. Check into what they're doing," she said. "It never hurts to be safe."

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