North Dakota boy reunited with 'Daddy's shirt'

April 22, 2013 at 5:14 PM
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A Cassleton, N.D. boy flew to San Diego on vacation and left a "much-treasured" item on the plane, according to WDAY in Fargo.

Cole Holzer, 7, was understandably upset because he didn't lose a baby blanket or teddy bear. He lost "Daddy's shirt."

Holzer's father, Brian Holzer, died two years ago when he fell from the roof putting up Christmas lights. "Daddy's shirt" is the shirt he wore during the fall -- and Cole Holzer's most beloved memento of his father.

On the flight, Cole held on to the shirt, as he always does. But it got left behind when they got off the flight, and it was thought to be gone forever.

Kelly Cruchet, a friend of the Holzer family, stepped in when she learned of the trouble. She got online to figure out the best number to recover the shirt.

"I started by calling the Delta 800 number, and I tried to keep my composure. I am pretty emotional -- I cried; the lady on the other end cried."

Delta put out the word among its crew: Find "Daddy's shirt."

A representative from Delta called after they had retrieved the shirt from the garbage. Cole Holzer was reunited with the tattered Nike shirt -- and with it, a piece of his father.

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