Man claims to have found Jesus's face after spilling fabric softener

Updated April 22, 2013 at 10:51 AM
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A man claims the image of Jesus Christ "appeared" on a shirt after he spilled fabric softener on it.

The International Business Times reports Martin Andrews was amazed when he realized an image had formed on his shirt after he spilled the conditioner.

According to Andrews when you look at the shirt "the right way up" it doesn't really look like anything, but when seen upside-down "it's really Him."

"I showed my mates at work the picture and one of them said, 'I've heard you can find comfort in Jesus but you've found Jesus in Comfort!'" Andrews said.

Comfort is a brand of fabric softener made by Unilever and sold around the world, the Examiner reports.

After the incident, Andrews took a photo of the shirt and uploaded it online. The image immediately went viral.

The online community has had mixed opinions about the stain. While some agree with Andrews that the stain is in fact the face of Jesus and opine "The Lord moves in mysterious ways," others have found the stain to look more like a juggler.

What do you see?

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