Other wife found on Facebook: 'People you may know' Facebook feature leads to bigamy charge

UPI/Terry Schmitt
UPI/Terry Schmitt | License Photo

Alan L. O'Neill discovered another reason to keep your private life off Facebook.

A Tacoma, Wash., resident was slapped with a bigamy charge when Facebook suggested that his wife friend a woman who turned out to be his other wife, the Oakland Press reported Tuesday.


Court documents say that O'Neill changed his name after separating from his original wife in 2009. He then married another woman without divorcing his first wife.

“He is extremely embarrassed and remorseful,” O'Neill's attorney told the Tacoma News Tribune when his deceit came to light last year.

“I’ve never done anything intentionally wrong in my life,” O'Neill said.

O'Neill, due in court later this month, faces up to a year in jail.

A similar case occurred in Melbourne, Australia this week, when a local woman received a Facebook message from the wife of the man she had just married, according to

"Hello, new Mrs Keyet. How can you be Mrs Keyet when I am still Mrs Keyet? From the old Mrs Keyet," the message read.

The new Mrs. Keyet had her marriage annulled, while Mr. Keyet faces bigamy charges.


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