Mother, 45, breaks up gang fight, wins bravery award

Posted By Kristen Butler,  |  March 25, 2013 at 3:19 PM
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British Transport Police have awarded a certificate of commendation to Naomi Spencer, who stopped a bloody attack on a train by giving her most threatening "mum stare" and demanding the six young men "pack it in." Spencer, a hairdresser from Crediton, Devon, said she "had to do something."

Spencer, 45, was reading a book on the train when six loud, aggressive young men boarded in pursuit of a man who was covered in blood, reports SWNS. The attackers then physically and verbally abused the victim as passengers looked on in fear.

Spencer physically intervened and got the victim away from his attackers, and ordered them to opposite ends of the train car. When they began to threaten her, she told them to "pack it in."

"I told them it was six on one and it was out of order, I told the group to sit at one end and him to sit at another and be quiet. They were quite shocked – I was just giving them clear instructions and they stood back and just did it. I just went into mum mode, it was like me telling off my son."

The train then got to a station where police were waiting to apprehend the young men. The passengers in the car cheered and applauded Spencer's actions as the attackers were taken away. Spencer has now been awarded for her bravery during the incident.

"I thought I had to do something, if a man would have stepped up the testosterone would have gone through the roof and something really bad could have happened. My friends and family were a bit shocked at what I did and said what if they had a knife, but they didn’t, and that was that."

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