WWE star Chris 'The Masterpiece' Masters saves mom from burning house

March 21, 2013 at 9:45 AM
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Former WWE star Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters put his muscles to good use Wednesday, when he was forced to uproot a tree with his bare hands to use it as a battering ram to enter his mother's burning house and save her.

Masters told TMZ he rushed to his mother's home after his uncle called him to tell him a neighbor had barricaded himself inside his mother's house.

When the wrestler got there the neighbor was shouting he would burn the house down if anyone tried to get in.

After failing to talk the assailant down, Masters called the cops. When they got there the neighbor set the house on fire.

Masters decided to take matters into his own hands: He tore a tree from the ground, broke in through a window and rescued his mother.

Police then arrested the man, who is still in custody.

After his heroic act, Masters bragged about it on Twitter by posting a meme that basically sums up the entire incident.

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