[VIDEO] Man finds knife blade inside his skin while scratching his back

A Canadian man finally found the reason behind the annoying back pains he'd been having over the past three years, he had a knife stuck in his back.

According to the National Post, Billy McNeely, 32, was scratching his back Monday when his nail suddenly flicked something sharp sticking from his body.


"My girlfriend got up and she started playing around with it and she maneuvered my back in a certain way and the tip of a blade poked out of my skin," he said.

All of a sudden it all made sense.

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McNeely had been dealing with back aches ever since he was stabbed five times at a party in 2010.

“They stitched me up and bandaged me up,” McNeely said. “They never took X-rays.”

When he told doctors that he set off metal detectors and had a lump in his back, doctors and nurses attributed the symptoms to metal fragments lodged in his bones and nerve damage.

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McNeely rushed to the emergency room as soon as he realized there was a blade in his body. Doctors dug out a 3.5 inch long blade from his back.


“I’ve got it in my pocket right now,” he said.

Thought the 32-year-old wasn't permanently injured by the blade, he is disappointed with the health system and the way he was treated.

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“I walked around for close to three years with this thing in my back,” he said. “They brushed me off.”

McNeely is currently considering a lawsuit against the health center in Fort Good Hope, the clinic where he was treated after he was stabbed.

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