Company to sell anti-drone technology to public

Posted By Kristen Butler,  |  March 20, 2013 at 1:23 PM
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The newest addition to everyone's backyard apocalypse bunker should be the anti-drone box soon to be available from Oregon-based Domestic Drone Countermeasures, LLC.

The company was founded in late February by engineers who recognized the proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles would be unwelcome by many Americans. DDC formed as a spin-off of Aplus Mobile, which sells rugged computer processors to defense contractors. "I was personally concerned and I think there's a lot of other people worried about this," says Timothy Faucett, a lead engineer on the project.

"We understand the nature of the equipment drone manufacturers are using and understand how to counter their sensors," Faucett says. "We're not going to be countering Predator drones that are shooting cruise missiles, but we're talking about local law enforcement drones and commercial ones that people might be using for spying."

DDC's system has software that's apparently programmed to conspire against camera- and infrared-equipped drones. The company's description of the technology is vague as its still applying for key patents, and DDC spokesperson Amy Ciesielka told Popular Science only that "we simply do not allow the [drone] cameras to observe with any clarity."

The Federal Aviation Authority expects that by 2020, American skies will have up to 30,000 drones operating domestically, so the demand for DDC's product probably exists. The company will sell land-based boxes that promise to be "non-offensive, non-combative and not destructive."

"We envision it could be cheap enough for residential use very soon," Faucett says. "It's quite possible to deploy it if you were shooting a movie and wanted to protect your set, or if you had a house in Malibu and wanted to protect that, we could deploy it there. If a huge company like Google wanted to protect its server farms, it can be scaled up for a larger, fixed installation."

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