The best of In-N-Out cook's Reddit AMA

The best of In-N-Out cook's Reddit AMA

The West Coast's beloved fast-food burger chain is famous for its "secret menu" items and celebrity fan base. This week, an anonymous Redditor and In-N-Out cook from Arizona, going by the user name dravila9, popped up on the social media site for one of its renowned Q&A sessions. Up for discussion was the perfect burger ingredient (bacon, obviously) and benefits for In-N-Out workers.

Dravila9 also offered Redditors a glimpse of an off-menu item the cook prepared after work. "Tonight after closing we made some bacon burgers with meat and bacon topped animal fries all smothered in Famous Dave's BBQ sauce," he said.


Some highlights below. Visit to read the whole thread.


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From jram2413: What's one thing you don't serve that you wish you did?

dravila9: Bacon burgers and onion rings. Took bacon in to cook after closing and it really changes everything. I can't truly enjoy the burgers anymore.

jram2412: Why do you think there aren't bacon burgers?

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dravila9: Too complicated to keep real fresh bacon on hand and ready to cook since we don't use that cheap fake bacon and it's in the mission purpose statement that the menu will never change.


From kuffara: Is it true that as an employee you get better then minimum wage and benefits? I've heard In&Out does well by its employees.

dravila9: Starting out you get ten dollars an hour but you can move up pretty quick I'm at $12.50 right now in line for another raise once my divisional manager comes back from surgery. Part time associates get vision and dental benefits and a small life insurance policy. Full-time associates like myself get medical, dental, vision, disability (if you want it), plus life insurance. In-N-Out really is a great company to work for if you don't mind working with food all day. Store managers can make over 100k a year and assistant managers make between 40k and 70k and you don't need a degree or previous management experience.

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From pezzshnitsol: IIRC In N Out does no outside hires for management. Every manager started off flipping burgers.

dravila9: This is true but you don't start out cooking burgers actually you start at the bottom with a towel in your hand wiping down tables before you can even cook a burger. Besides managers the cooks get paid the most.

From BigSpence17: I grew up in California, now I'm in Ohio. I f***ing miss In-N-Out so much. We need some on this side of the country. Can you make it happen?

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dravila9: From what I've gathered talking to my division manager it probably won't happen for now Texas is the farthest out we're gonna venture from California. Stores will only expand a one day drive away from out warehouses we have one in Texas and one in California I think it's in Irvine.

From hippiehendrix: If you could use any of the ingredients in the kitchen, what would you make and what would you call it?

dravila9: I've made donuts putting the buns in the fryers with syrup from the shakes and coring out a potato and frying it and filling it with chopped meat patties, melted cheese, onions, chiles, and grilled tomatoes. Too good.

From bdubyageo: Best thing on the menu?

dravila9: Double double with the whole grilled onions with pickles and raw chopped onions I substitute ketchup for the spread (never been a fan of it) plus some animal fries with both grilled onions and raw chopped onions and sliced chiles.

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