FedEx sued over mistaken pot delivery in Massachusetts

March 1, 2013 at 3:20 PM
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A Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx after the company mistakenly delivered a package containing marijuana to her address and then provided her name and address to the original recipient.

According to the woman signed for the box on Oct. 20 believing it was a package she was expecting. The box contained assorted candles, candy, ribbons, markers, and crafts as well as a number of large vacuum-packed bags which the woman first assumed were filled with potpourri, according to the complaint, filed in Plymouth County, MA, Court.

As it turns out, the bags were filled with Marijuana.

After finding the drugs, the woman proceeded to contact the local authorities who came to her house and seized the parcel.

Shortly after the police left, the woman claims she received another visitor who asked her if she had received a package that day. The woman said she closed the door and told the person she didn't have their parcel anymore. Scared, she locked all the doors.

Later on, the police came back to her house and told her FedEx had confirmed they disclosed her name and address to someone inquiring about the package - enter her suit.

"The suit seeks damages for violations of Massachusetts Privacy Laws, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress and negligence," the Consumerist wrote.

Though three people involved with the delivery were arrested, the woman fears that there are others left at large, and "that even if the three arrested smugglers are convicted, they would likely be back on the streets within several months.”

According to Consumerist this is a recurrent issue with FedEx, as they've received many complaints about people whose packages are delivered to the wrong address and are given directions to where the package was originally delivered by the shipping company.

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