FAA not amused by Harlem 'Shakes on a plane'


Members of Colorado College's ultimate Frisbee team took the "Harlem Shake" to new heights when they convinced crew and fellow passengers aboard a Frontier Airlines flight to help them contribute to the viral dance craze.

But the mile-high "Harlem" was no joke for the Federal Aviation Administration, whose federal investigators are looking into the possibility that the video violated safety regulations.


“They are still looking into it, it’s still open,” FAA rep Tony Molinero said. "I don’t know where the [investigators] were told about it, but when they saw the video they just decided to look into it because it is better to be safe than sorry."

"Obviously I hope that this whole situation is solved with the FAA,” Colorado College's Matt Zelin said of the video he and his teammates made. "I don’t see there being any reason why this should cause any trouble. We asked the staff and they said it was safe."

An unnamed federal official told ABC News that while the video "looks bad," it probably didn't violate any laws if the video wasn't recorded during takeoff or landing.

And ABC News' aviation correspondent John Nance said dancing would have no "structural" effect on the plane in flight.


"It's nothing the flight crew or the aircraft can't handle," Nance said. "This gyrating around is of no consequence."

But some people think a plane is not the place to hold an impromptu dance party.

"It's ridiculous," a retired airline pilot told CNN. "A commercial airplane in flight ... is not a dance hall, it's not an entertainment stage, it's not any of those things."

If you've been living under a rock and you have no idea what the "Harlem Shake" is, check out our roundup of the meme's best videos.

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