Mountain Dew breakfast drink 'Kickstart' will hit shelves this month

Updated Feb. 11, 2013 at 2:30 PM
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PepsiCo Inc. is set to premiere its new breakfast drink 'Kickstart' - a mixture of Mountain Dew, caffeine and Orange Juice- this month, The Inquisitr reported Monday.

Taco Bell has exclusively been featuring the drink since August 2012, as the beverage is mixed at the restaurants, but as of sometime this month, 'Kickstart' will be packaged and sold in retail stores.

The caffeinated juice drink is supposed to be an alternative to coffee or tea, The Chicago Tribune noted. The idea of creating such beverage came from customer's suggestions.

"Our consumers told us they were looking for an alternative to traditional morning beverages," Mountain Dew's spokesperson Elisa Baker said.

In a way, the new breakfast drink appears as Mountain Dew tries to gain back its long-lost leading spot in the caffeinated drinks department.

"For a long time before energy drinks, there was Mountain Dew," Jeff Klineman, editor of the BevNet online and print trade publications said. "It was the official drink of gamers and truckers before Monster and Rockstar came along."

The Taco Bell custom-made mix will continue to be provided at participating restaurants accompanying the breakfast menu, which features different combinations of scrambled eggs, cheese, hash browns, bacon and sausage in a tortilla.

'Kickstart' will hit store shelves sometime this month. The exact date of its launch is uncertain, but we suspect the announcement will be made though Mountain Dew's social media accounts.

On Monday morning a tweet from @mtn_dew included a photo of two 'Kickstart' cans and read, "Sorry I've been MIA lately, these two beauties have been keeping me busy… Stay tuned for more info!"

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