Adorable toddler lies to mom about eating sprinkles [VIRAL VIDEO]

Updated Feb. 11, 2013 at 5:41 PM
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Video footage of 3-year-old John Boarman adamantly denying having eating sprinkles, even though his face is covered up in them, has gone viral ever since his mother, Erica, posted it on YouTube last Wednesday.

In the beginning of the clip, Erica, asks John if he's had any snacks, a question that seems to appall the 3-year-old, as he fiercely denies having eating anything. What he doesn't realize is that his face, hands and chin are covered up in red sprinkles. The mom continues to confront him by showing him the half-empty sprinkle box which he again denies having opened. Erica then probes John by telling him that is not nice to "tell stories and lie," and eventually lets him know that his whole face is covered with sprinkles, but John stays firm in his position. "No, no I did not eat spinkles. I did not," he says before the clip ends.

The concerned mother accompanied the video with a note on how she sat down with John after recording the clip to have a nice and long conversation about the truth.

"My 3 year old fibbing to my face, and it is surprisingly cute haha! After I filmed it we had a VERY long talk about the difference between telling the truth and not telling the truth. He has an amazing imagination and loves to tell us stories. I saw this as a sweet moment, something that every child goes through...where they try to push the boundaries to see how far they can go. And I thought I'd share it with my friends and family. And apparently, the world seems to enjoy it, too. We are currently working on the difference, and he is doing really well. :)," she wrote.

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