Lena Dunham: "I flew to New York to vote"

Updated Feb. 7, 2013 at 2:29 PM
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After a Room Eight article "broke the news" that Lena Dunham didn't vote despite her controversial pro-Obama ad, the actress went on Twitter to set the record straight.

"..I can now report that according to New York City's voter file, a Lena Dunham registered in registered in Brooklyn did not vote in the 2012 general election or in any local elections since she moved from her prior address in Tribeca," read an article on r8ny.com

In response, the 26-year-old actress tweeted the true story,

Hey kids, some people on the internet are saying I didn't vote. Some of them are still mad I used a sexy metaphor re: voting. Read on: I did vote. I tried to get an absentee ballot but, because our nation's voting system is a steampunk cornmaze, it didn't arrive. So not to be a martyr about it but I flew to New York to vote. I wasn't sure if my change of address had officially been registered so...I went to my old polling place with my dad, where they let me vote by affidavit (what was totally allowed.) Obviously I voted for Romney. I hope everyone has a nice day.

Dunham openly supported the Obama 2012 campaign and starred in a commercial we she talked about her first time... voting, and the importance of doing it in general, and for the right person.

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