FOX News least trusted network--and most trusted


It will come as no surprise that Americans are as divided over which television networks they trust to get their news as they are over nearly every hot-button issue.

Public Policy Polling's annual television survey, released Thursday, found that FOX rates highest among networks Americans trust least.


The twist? It is also the network the most Americans say they trust most.

In fact, what is most revealing about the survey, but perhaps not surprising, is that respondents across the board give very low marks to news organizations across the board.

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Just 34 percent of Americans say they trust FOX more than any other network, with PBS coming in at a distance 13 percent for second most trusted.

At the same time, 39 percent of Americans say they trust FOX the least of all outlets, with MSNBC coming in second with 14 percent.

Overall, 46 percent of respondents say they don't trust FOX, while 41 percent say they do. Those numbers are a shift down for FOX in 2010, when 49 percent said they trusted the network compared to 37 who did not.

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Comedy Central, which only 12 percent say is the least-trusted network, is apparently considered more credible than CNN (13 percent), too.


PBS is the only network which more Americans say they trust (52 percent) than don't (29 percent).

The network breakdowns are as follows: ABC Trust: 32 percent Don't trust: 42 percent

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CBS Trust: 34 percent Don't trust: 43 percent

CNN Trust: 34 percent Don't trust: 43 percent

Comedy Central Trust: 26 percent Don't trust: 46 percent

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FOX Trust: 41 percent Don't trust: 46 percent

MSNBC Trust: 35 percent Don't trust: 44 percent

NBC Trust: 39 percent Don't trust: 42 percent

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PBS Trust: 52 percent Don't trust: 29 percent

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