Disney Rabbit Racist?: Family sues Disney over un-hugging character [VIDEO]

Updated Feb. 7, 2013 at 5:36 PM
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A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, alleging an employee in a Rabbit costume at one of their amusement parks was racist for not wanting to hug their sons because of the color of their skin.

Jason Black, 6, was visiting the Anaheim Park in August when he followed Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit for a hug, Fox5SanDiego.com reported.

“I went to hug him but he turned his back,” Jason told the station. “It made me feel sad because I wanted to really hug him.”

His older brother, Elijah, experienced a similar situation, as he was pushed back by the character when he tried to hold his hand.

At first, the children's father, Jason LeRoy Black, thought the characters weren't allowed to touch the kids, but then realized that wasn't the case when he saw the White Rabbit hugging and kissing other children.

The parent's filed a complaint and were offered VIP passes to the park, but the family wants something more valuable, a public apology. And for the employee who played the rabbit to be fired.

Since then, the Black’s have filed a lawsuit against Disneyland, claiming the character was discriminatory toward their children because they were black.

According to the Black’s lawyer, Dan Gilleon, the family is not asking for something they don't deserve.

"All they’ve asked for is a little bit of recognition that this should not have happened,” he told Fox5SanDiego.

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