Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker saves several people, gives epic interview [VIRAL VIDEO]


Meet Kai.

Kai has no last name, no family to speak of and no home (but don't call him homeless). And Kai is a legend.


The hitchhiker who describes himself as "homefree" (and originally from West Virginia) burst onto the viral scene this week as the latest, greatest folk hero of the Internet, after saving several lives and delivering an epic, profanity-laced interview to the local Fox affiliate near Fresno, Calif.

Kai was picked up by Jett Simmons McBride, 54, for a ride, and ended up playing the ultimate crime fighter when McBride turned out to be a racist who thought he was Jesus (and could, therefore, kill some people).

After McBride slammed his truck into an electric company worker and began attacking those who tried to intervene, Kai, travel hatchet in hand, was able to subdue McBride until the cops could arrest him.

McBride, of Tacoma, Wa., pulled into a gas station, and after telling Kai he was Jesus, proceeded to slam the front of his truck into an African American PG&E worker and started beating the worker while he was stuck.

While the 37-year-old PG&E worker, who asked not to be identified, remained pinned between his own truck and McBride's, female bystander came over to help. McBride turned from the PG&E worker and attacked her, squeezing her in a crushing bear hug.


That's when Kai--armed with a hatchet from his pack, was able to get out of the truck and went after McBride.

Police records show McBride measuring 6 foot 4 inches and weighing a whopping 290 pounds, but with the help of his hatchet, Kai was able to knock the much larger man out.

McBride was booked on suspicion of attempted murder and his bond set at $1 million. The injured worker, who has a broken leg, will spend several days in a hospital but will recover, as will the woman.

The full interview, below, is very NSFW, but totally amazing. Multiple versions of the video popped up on YouTube, with several hundred thousand views a piece, as well as tribute videos and smaller clips.

The first few attempts at the inevitable remix have been mediocre at best, and the "Kai approved" official Facebook page has a small but growing number of likes.

As for the hero himself? He just wants to do some surfing. He also says he'd like to give the donations that people have offered to Haiti.


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