Girl, 6, crashes car on her way to her dad's [VIDEO]

Updated Feb. 4, 2013 at 4:53 PM
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A 6-year-old Pittsburgh girl crashed her mother's car Sunday morning after she tried to drive to see her dad, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

According to police, the girl took her mother's grey BMW shortly after 9 a.m. and intended to drive to Garfield to see her father. On her way, she ran into several cars and a land post before coming to a full stop.

The girl's mother was asleep in their Lawrenceville home when she decided to go for a ride, and though no one was injured a few got really close.

“When she was coming toward me, I was like, ‘what is she doing?’” Rommie Hawkins, a neighbor who happened to be walking by told the CBS affiliate. “I couldn't tell it was a young girl at the time, so I kind of just stepped behind the tree."

Once Hawkins realized it was a young girl behind the wheel, he started yelling at the car asking her to stop. The girl kept going, but soon enough she lost control of the vehicle, hit a curb and crashed into a pole.

Hawkins ran toward the girl, who was not injured in the accident, and got her out of the car.

Later on, police and the girl's father came to the scene to take her home. So far, nobody has pressed charges.

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