Lindsay Lohan movie rejected: South by Southwest passes on "The Canyons"

Updated Jan. 24, 2013 at 10:34 AM
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It appears that South by Southwest (SXSW) has joined The Sundance Film Festival in rejecting Lohan's upcoming film noir, "The Canyons," THR reported.

The refusal comes as no surprise to anyone who read the controversial New York Times article, 'Here is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie," which recounts the actress' misadventures while shooting the film.

While an insider told THR that SXSW rejected the film due to "quality issues," some point out that Lohan's erratic behavior and her portrayal in the Times' article are to blame for the film's un-success.

"Perhaps the most baffling part of the project -- the respected names attached to it. The writer is Bret Easton Ellis ("Less Than Zero," "American Psycho") and its director is Paul Schrader ("Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" writer, "Affliction" and "Auto-Focus" director). Heck, even twice-Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant appears in the film. What were they thinking [casting Lohan]?," a Yahoo! Movies article points outs.

And while all this is true, Schrader, who insisted on using Lohan in the first place, stands by his decision of casting the troubled starlet.

"The intense reactions to 'Liz and Dick' and the Times Mag article have made us realize that there will be an immediate blowback once 'The Canyons' is publically screened -– for good and ill," Schrader said. "That's the nature of anything involving Lindsay."

The film's producers are still waiting for an official response from SXSW, if that fails, it's been said that Pope's agents are having a screening for buyers at the end of the month.

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