Shia LeBeouf sent acid trip tapes to Evan Rachel Wood for new film [VIDEO]

Posted By KATE STANTON,  |  Jan. 23, 2013 at 9:41 AM
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Actor Shia LaBeouf took a cue from Daniel Day-Lewis' school of method acting, telling MTV that he dropped acid for his character in "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman," and sent footage of his drug use to friends and co-workers for their feedback.

"I'm just scared," LaBeouf said of acting with collegues he admires, like "Necessary Death" co-star Evan Rachel Wood.

That's what propels things like that -- being nervous that you're not going to get it right or it's not going to be honest. You subject yourself to things and you can't choose your thoughts. You can't choose your feelings. But you can really influence them, and I just try to influence myself as much as possible.

LaBeouf said he'd never dropped acid before, but he'd tape himself using it so that his fellow actors could assess his "performance."

"I remember trying to conjure this and sending tapes and Evan being like, 'Yeah, that's good, but that's not, but this is, but that ain't," LeBeouf said.

I'm just saying you reach out to friends and you sort of gauge where you're at. So I was sending tapes around. I'd get fifty percents from people, and that starts creeping me out, and I got really nervous. ... But not because I'm wanting to be on drugs. I'm not trying to mess with the set or anything like that. It's really just fear that propels people.

"Necessary Death" isn't the only role LaBeouf is willing to go all the way for. The 26-year-old actor admitted in August that he'd sent real sex tapes of himself and his girlfriend to Lars Von Trier to land a part in "Nymphomaniac."

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