Anti-Abortion protester climbs tree, annoys crowd

Posted By Franco Fernandez and Matt De Vlieger   |   Updated Jan. 22, 2013 at 9:23 AM
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Rives Grogan, a former pastor at New Beginning Christian Church in Los Angeles, annoyed crowds at the inauguration of President Barack Obama when he climbed a tall evergreen tree and began shouting anti-abortion messages throughout the entire swearing in ceremony.

While some reports state that Grogan only stopped for Beyonce's rendition of The 'Star Bangled Banner', this video recorded by UPI shows Grogan carrying on through the national anthem (:48) proclaiming, "The judgement of God is coming to America like we have never seen."

According to an eye witness report, Grogan snapped a few braches on his way down which drew the attention of a small crowd. At that point Police officers intervened and asked the crowd to leave because their interest in him only "prolonged his behavior."

When Grogran finally made his way safely down he was promptly arrested and now faces three charges including contempt of court and injury to property.

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