WATCH: Real life remake of 'Toy Story' goes viral

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If you've ever wondered what 'Toy Story' would look like in real-life, this movie is for you.

The 'Live-Action "Toy Story" Project" is the brainchild of Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta, two friend's of Apache Junction, Ariz. whose dream is to get into Pixar and spent the last two years creating a full-length, shot-by-shot remake of Disney's Toy Story to do so, The East Valley Tribune reported.


“[Pixar] doesn’t let people in unless you’ve done anything,” Pauley told the Tribune. “But I’m pretty confident; there’s a group of people who made a pizza planet truck in California and they got in.”

Pauly, 19, and Perrotta, 21, met through their church when they were in high school and bonded over a common love for "Toy Story." Years later they decided to remake the movie after watching the third installment of the saga in June 2010.

After two years, turning a couple of bedroom's into Andy's and Sid's rooms, borrowing and creating toys, asking every friend they had to appear as extras and going through $1,000, the 'Toy Story' aficionados' final cut was ready to hit the YouTube screen.


The film debuted on YouTube on Jan. 12 and went viral garnering over three million views in just three days. People's reactions to the film were mainly positive. Many comments read "amazing," "spectacular" and "brilliant."

The directors were also pleased with the result.

“If ‘Toy Story’ was in real life this is what it would look like,” Perrotta told the Tribune. “Someone who knows the movie really well will say, ‘Wow, that tiny thing in the background they got right.”

Pixar hasn't made any comments on the movie.

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