Arnold ‏Schwarzenegger opens up about acting, governing, drawing on Reddit IAmA

Updated Jan. 15, 2013 at 5:45 PM
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Arnold Schwarzenegger really loves hearing from his fans, (at least that's what he wrote on his Twitter account's 'about' section), which is why he was so eager to participate in Reddit's IAmA on Tuesday.

The 'IAmArnold... Ask me anything' Reddit threat compiled 11,304 comments and its subjects ranged from politics, to entertainment to sweet stories from people who idolize the actor.

The most popular question was from a Redditor who wrote:

"Arnold, you were an inspiration to my father who died 9 years ago. He framed your cover of Vanity Fair magazine, signed it himself, put it on his desk, and told everyone that you signed it for the entirety of his career as a trainer. I just wanted to let you know that you were a very personal hero for my father and if he were alive today, he'd be first in line to see every one of your movies."

In response, Schwarzenegger penned, and uploaded this note.

As for politics, when a Redditor asked him to pick a politician who embodied what is good about the subject, the former governor was quick to point out San Jose, CA. Mayor Chuck Reed.

Even though Congress has an approval rating of 9% (and loses to cockroaches and colonoscopies in polling), there are still some leaders who are doing the people's work instead of the partys' work. That's political courage to me, being willing to risk your job to choose what's good for the public instead of getting stuck in your ideology.

One of my favorites is Mayor Chuck Reed from San Jose. He's a Democratic who took on pension reform, he has always put the people first. You should look him up.

When asked what was the most challenging part of his triple life (body builder, actor, politician), Schwarzenegger said that "being governor was the most challenging job and acting the most fun." And regarding his future career in entertainment, the actor confessed that he'd like to work with Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi.

Overall, the Reddit sphere seemed to be satisfied with the Q & A. Although the actor's decision to answer many questions via handwritten notes inspired some confusion, as many users couldn't open the images or simply couldn't understand him.

"Your handwriting reads like your accent," user jca2u pointed out.

But the actor carried on with the notes and even closed the session with a little drawing.

For Schwarzenegger's entire IAmA session, visit Reddit's iAmArnold... Askme anything.

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