Golden Globes: Taylor Swift loses to Adele and makes this face

Updated March 8, 2013 at 12:11 PM
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Things got really intense when never-losers Taylor Swift and Adele were nominated in the same category for a Golden Globe last night. The singers were competing in the best 'Best Original Song' slot. Swift was nominated for 'Safe and Sound' the song she co-wrote with The Civil Wars for 'The Hunger Games,' and Adele was nominated for 'Skyfall.'

When Jennifer Lopez announced that Adele was the winner, the new mom happily got on stage and confessed she was very much enjoying her first night out since giving birth to her son, did not expect to win an award and had been "pissing herself" all night laughing at everyone's jokes.

And while most of the audience seemed to appreciate the songstress's sincere speech, a now-single and award-less Swift smirked with disdain at Adele's remarks.

Taylor Swift Laughing

As if the night hadn't been tough enough, Swift also served as the punch line to Tina Fey's joke about the singer's ever changing list of boyfriends, in which she asked Swift to "stay away from Michel J. Fox's son."

Other than losing to Adele and being ridiculed by Fey, Swift has been all over the news lately due to her very public breakup from singer Harry Styles and the possibility of a new breakup song being in the works, as hinted by one of her latest tweets.

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