Hillary Clinton biopic coming

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY, UPI.com  |  Jan. 7, 2013 at 1:07 PM
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Hillary Rodham Clinton: World's most admired woman, most traveled Secretary of State ever, former first lady. Senator.

Former presidential candidate. Possible future presidential candidate.

And now, the subject of a Hollywood film?

A script by 39-year-old South Korean screenwriter Young il-Kim has directors buzzing, coming in at No. 4 on the "Black List" of the scripts most anticipated by film executives.

Titled "Rodham," Kim's film would take Hillary back to the days before she was Hillary Clinton, working as a lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee working on the impeachment of President Nixon and sorting through unresolved feelings for a young law professor at the University of Arkansas named Bill Clinton.

"There’s this incredible irony that she worked on the impeachment process that was used against her husband,” Kim told POLITICO. "But it’s also really a journey of a woman who was torn between her personal desires and her professional ambition — both literally pulled her thousands of miles apart, because Bill did not want to leave Arkansas, and she did not want to leave Washington, D.C.”

Kim said he took four months to write the script, referencing numerous books on Clinton. His manager, Richard Arlook, said he found the script to shed fresh, new light on one of the most familiar public figures.

"I’ve always seen her in the public light and formal and buttoned-down, and here she is making out with Bill and graduating college and trying to find a job," Arlook said. "It’s them starting off and meeting and falling in love and facing all the challenges and struggles that everybody else does."

Temple Hill Entertainment, the same group behind the Twilight franchise, is attached to produce the film.

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