WATCH: U.S. Navy's strange PSA on Bath Salts

Updated Jan. 3, 2013 at 12:35 PM
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The United States Navy ran into some bath salts related trouble in November of 2012 when 11 sailors were dismissed for using the synthetic drug 'Spice.' The incident came at the perfect time to be the cherry on top of an all-eyes-on-bath-salts year, in which the drug's popularity grew based on a cannibalism story that ultimately had nothing to do with bath salts.

In response to all the media attention and the unfortunate sailors dismissal, the Navy created this public announcement that offers a first-person perspective on the effects of the drug, which include, seeing people turn into demons, feel followed and have everyone tell you you're acting weird along with a testimonial from Lt. George Loeffler, a Psychiatry Resident at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, who explains in great detail why ingesting bath salts should be a no-no.

"When people are using bath salts, they're not their normal selves. They're angrier. They're erratic. They're violent and they're unpredictable. People will start acting really weird. People will start seeing things that aren't there, believing things that aren't true," ha said, adding, "what's one of the most concerning things about bath salts is these hallucinations, these paranoid delusions they will last long after the intoxication is gone."

Without further ado, here's is the Navy's: "BATH SALTS: It's not a fad...It's a NIGHTMARE" PSA,

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