Implants left at hotel

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  Jan. 3, 2013 at 3:27 PM
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Hotel staff must find any number of strange things left behind in vacated hotel rooms, but this might be the weirdest yet.

Travelodge says staff found a pair of breast implants left behind at the Newcastle Central location in Britain sometime during 2012, ABC News reported.

Also on its list of odd items left behind are several animals, expensive jewelry and a tanning booth.

One woman staying near Birmingham airport left behind a Persian Chinchilla kitten named Porsha who was due to participate in a cat show. Travelodge said the owner was "in such a dash to get to the show she forgot the cat box containing Porsha."

"En route to the venue she realized as the car journey was very quiet. Luckily Porsha was having a nap and did not realize that her owner had left her behind."

A bucket of live crabs was abandoned in Brighton, a python named Monty was left in Bristol, and Percy the micro pig was also forgotten.

"Our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations," a Travelodge spokesman told the Daily Mail. "‘Our customers’ left-behinds demonstrate what a cross section of people stay in our 527 hotels."

"What is becoming evident after speaking to customers is that the pace of life has become so fast and we are so eager to get from A to B that priceless processions are easily being forgotten."

The hotel chain said the most common items left behind are teddy bears, gadget chargers and more than 20,000 books, including more than 7,000 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. More than 76,000 teddy bears were reunited with their owners in 2012.

Travelodge holds items for three months before donating them to Cancer Research charity shops.

Other strange items: - A £10,000 Tiffany engagement ring - A set of four Power Rangers costumes - A £50,000 Rolex watch - A pop-up spray tanning booth - A box of 200 Queen Elizabeth masks - A trunk of Cadbury chocolate - A suitcase of vinyl records - A wonder woman outfit - A winning EuroMillions ticket - A pantomime horse - A diamond-incrusted iPhone 5 - A Harry Potter wand used in the films worth £2,000 - A set of keys to a Bugatti - A stamp album worth £250,000 - A set of false teeth with diamonds - A pilots training manual - A Joseph's dreamcoat

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