Samuel L. Jackson tries to bully reporter into saying the N-word

Samuel L. Jackson tries to bully reporter into saying the N-word

Jake Hamilton's 17-minute long interview with the cast of 'Django Unchained' ran smoothly up until he decided to ask Samuel L. Jackson about the controversy surrounding the use of the n-word in the movie and, oddly enough, the actor made a big deal out of it.

“No, nobody, none,” Jackson interrupted Hamilton's question and asked, “the word would be…?”


Hamilton responded with a shy, "I don't wanna say it" and an uncomfortable smile and thus began the 40-second-long, "say-the-word, no-I-won't-say-it" portion of the interview in which Hamilton refuses to say the n-word and Jackson refuses to answer the question unless he says it.

In the end they both decided that moving on to the next subject would be the best thing to do despite Hamilton's promise that it would've been a "great question." I guess we'll never know.

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To hear the exchange between the two scroll up to minute 13:55 of the interview. (A transcript of their conversation is below.)

The altercation went like this,

HAMILTON: “I don’t want to say it.” JACKSON: “Why not?” HAMILTON: “I don’t like to say it.” JACKSON: “Have you ever said it?’ HAMILTON: “No sir.” JACKSON: “Try it.” HAMILTON: “I don’t like to say it.” JACKSON: “TRY IT!” HAMILTON: “Really, seriously…” JACKSON: “We’re not going to have this conversation unless you say it.” JACKSON: “You want to move on to another question?” HAMILTON: “OK, awesome!” HAMILTON: “I don’t like… I don’t want to say it.” JACKSON: “Oh, come on!” HAMILTON: “Will you say it?” JACKSON: “No, f*ck no. That’s not the same thing.” HAMILTON: "Why do you want me to say it?" JACKSON: "They're gonna bleep it when you say it on your show, so SAY IT!" HAMILTON: " I cant't say it. If I say it this question wont make air" JACKSON: "OK, forget it" HAMILTON: "OK, I'll skip it sorry guys. I was a good question" JACKSON: "No it wasn't. It wasn't a great questions if you can say a word"

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Thought the interview has been live on Hamilton's YouTube account since December 15th it recently went viral after it inspired a Reddit discussion on racism, the FCC and Jackson's ways.

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