Mouse interrupts BBC weather forecast, reporter carries on

Updated Jan. 2, 2013 at 5:18 PM
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BBC's presenter Kate Kinsella was conducting her usual radio weather forecast when a mouse appeared at the top of her computer screen and crawled down to her keyboard causing her to let out a very controlled shriek, followed by the words "sorry there's a mouse that just ran past me in my studio." (Right around the 0:28 second mark in the video clip.)

In an attempt to help her, co-host Iain Lee tried to provide some help from his end of the microphone and suggested she found a "book or a block" to dispose of the creature, but the idea wasn't well received by Kinsella who immediately responded "I'm not Killing it," later on adding, "It's quite sweet actually, bless it," and carrying on with the forecast exactly where she had left off.

Though Kinsella kept her cool throughout most of the 2-minute long encounter with the rodent, she later on regretted having let that shriek out.

"Even my professionalism could not manage to hold in the shriek that inevitably followed," she said.

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