Facebook password laws go into effect in 5 states

UPI/Terry Schmitt
UPI/Terry Schmitt | License Photo

Has your boss ever asked for your Facebook password? On a job interview, did the hiring manager request access to your Twitter account?

Well, good news: Starting tomorrow, employers are forbidden from demanding private information about social media activity from employees and job applicants in five states, where laws were passed last year prohibiting the practice.


Residents of Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, California and Illinois are now protected by social media privacy laws that go into effect in the new year.

Michigan has a similar law that went into effect immediately when it was signed earlier in December.

State Assemblywoman Nora Campos, who authored California's bill, told NBC that the bill is necessary to protect workers.

"My legislation protects workers' privacy," Campos said. "The legislation is necessary because there is a hole in existing law that prevents employers from intruding into an employee's legal off-duty conduct."

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