The best of Mark Cuban's Reddit AMA

The best of Mark Cuban's Reddit AMA
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reacts at a referee standing behind his teams bench in the fourth quarter against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 9, 2012. UPI/John Angelillo | License Photo

The delightfully loudmouthed Mark Cuban is worth an estimated $2.3 billion, yet he spent Christmas Eve on Reddit for one of the site's open interview sessions, "Ask Me Anything." During the Q&A, we learn that billionaires buy their kids "junk" like the rest of us and that Cuban thinks MBA's are totally worthless. Plus, we get his thoughts on Skip Bayless ("who?"). Some highlights below.

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From mttwldngr: I hate to be so straight forward, but what does a billionaire buy his kids for Christmas?

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Cuban: the same junk that everyone else buys.

From Crazy001boy: How's your relationship with [ESPN's] Skip Bayless?

Cuban: who?

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From Bieb: So the most recent season of Shark Tank has a lot of T-Mobile product placement. Is it really as cheesy to do as it is to watch on tv?

Cuban: it is beyond cheesey. none of the sharks like it. but we learned from it and it will be different in the future

From EddieAdamsface: You came in to my work and tipped 100 on a 50 dollar tab. You made the waitresses night. You sir, are a gentleman.

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Cuban: i worked as a bartender and waiter. I always try to tip well

From burimal: Why do basketball players only get recognition after they’ve been a part of a championship team? For instance, Dirk has been an amazing player for 10 years now, but only got the respect he truly deserved from fans after having a championship caliber supporting cast (Including coaches) around him. If it’s a team game, why do players only get appreciated after they accomplish something that’s mostly out of their control (Since, most of the time, they don’t decide who they get to play with)?

Cuban: Thats the stupid , macho element of all professional sports. Its a lot easier to just pin a lable on someone than to actually do the work to determine the impact of a player. ITs the same reason everyone over values scoring in the NBA. Scoring is usually the easiest part of the game.

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From ericeric10010: What is something everyone should know before starting a small business?

Cuban: its not about the idea, its about how prepared you are. Everyone has ideas, most dont do the work required to get the job done. The 2nd thing you need to know is that sales are the most important aspect of a small business. No sales, no company.


From misterhappy88: How do you like being on the "shark tank"? Is it very scripted or do you guys speak freely?

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Cuban: shark tank is not scripted at all. When the entrepreneur walks into the shark tank the ONLY thing we know is their first name. NOTHING else. the only "Scripted" part of the show is this..... the producers tell us before every show --- If an entrepreneur looks like they are going to cry, shut up and let them. They love tears. Thats the only scripting

From FrancisXHummel: I'm trying to figure out if it's worth getting an MBA or if I should just focus on moving up in our portfolio.

Cuban: i think an MBA is an absolute waste of money. If you have a hole in your knowledge base , there are a ton of online courses you can take. I dont give any advantage to someone in hiring because they have an mba

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From Tim_Duncan: Why are you doing an AMA on Christmas Eve?

Cuban: because I can.

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