The end of the world is nigh, so let's throw a crazy party

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  Dec. 20, 2012 at 10:25 AM
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If the world is going to end Friday, at least it should be rung out in style.

The world over, people are celebrating, or at least trying to enjoy, the coming doomsday.

One party in Russia, with tickets ranging from $1620 to the $49,000 VIP treatment, will be held in an old Soviet bunker 200 feet underground, the Moscow Times reports.

Bunker 42, now a museum underground in Moscow, will play host to the 300 lucky Muscovites will take part in "A chance to survive," a 27-hour experience where food will be served in "survival packages" (actually meant to last half a year), regular television updates on life above ground will play and wifi will be provided.

Across the land of ancient Maya, throughout Central America, tourist sites are enjoying the extra attention from people who want to be at ground zero for the apocalypse, the Telegraph reports. One Guatemalan spot in particular--the Mayan ruin Tikal, known as the site of the Yavin 4 rebel base in Star Wars--has been flooded with people expecting "something big."

And in France, the mayor of the tiny village Burgarach is begging believers to stay away despite a New Age prophesy that predicts a local mountain will "open up," loosing aliens who will burst through and save the world. Pic de Burgarach nearby is supposedly sacred, the Week reports, and would be spared the destruction of end of the world.

There are any number of survival shelters available for the right price, such as the luxury fully furnished Vivos shelters in Indiana, Nebraska and the Rockies, or even the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, which is rumored to have a secret bottom floor built to protect Congress in the event of a disaster (there actually is such a place--the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, which has a bunker built to house Congress in the event of a nuclear holocaust).

Of course if you had a more familiar setting in mind (or you're not free to jet off to southern France), there's help. has suggestions for throwing the perfect apocalyptic soiree for yourself, complete with recipes, game and entertainment suggestions to keep everyone in a festive mood as the world as we know it crumbles around us.

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