Man flies 1 million miles in a year, has a reality show coming up in February

Updated Dec. 28, 2012 at 12:43 PM
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Tom Stuker's life might as well be based on George Clooney's 'Up In The Air.'

This automobile consultant is the first person ever to earn 1 million frequent flyer miles in a calendar year on United Airlines, NBC News reported. If you can't quite picture what that amount of miles looks like, think of it as the equivalent of 40 trips around the world.

Stuker accrued that many miles due to extensive traveling as an automotive consultant. We'll get a glipse of his work when his reality show, 'Car Lot Rescue' premieres on SpikeTV in February.

As for the 1-million-miles record, Stuker admitted it wasn't his first. In July, 2011 United Airlines threw him a party for reaching 10 million miles in flight (the amount George Clooney's character dreamed of earning in the movie). As part of the celebration the airline named a Boeing 747 in his honor.

Among the perks of being the loyalest frequent flyer there is, Stuker only travels first class and is a member of United's Global Services, an exclusive invitation-only program that offers "unpublished benefits."

Stuker told NBC that he felt "tired" from all the mile-earning and that he knows he'll never again fly as much in a year.

To read Stuker's entire interview go to NBC News, Travel Kit.

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