JetBlue flies letters to be buried with Noah Pozner

JetBlue flies letters to be buried with Noah Pozner

JetBlue has pitched in to help the family of one of the children slain in Newtown say their last goodbyes.

The first funerals of the children murdered at Sandy Hook school took place Monday, just three days after they were killed. Not every member of the families of Noah Pozner and Jack Pinto, both 6, would be able to fly to Connecticut on such short notice.


Noah's aunt, Victoria Haller, lives in Seattle and wouldn't make the funeral but hoped to write letters to be buried with her nephew.

Even overnight post wouldn't be fast enough for the letters to reach Newtown in time for Noah's funeral, so a friend of Victoria's wrote to several airlines in the hopes that they could get help.

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"A few got back to me and said 'No can do,' but JetBlue wrote back in ten minutes and said 'Send us her contact info,' the friend wrote on Facebook. "Within minutes, they had set up to get the letters on a red eye so the family could have them in the morning."

"They didn't have to do anything, but to that family, they did everything."


Haller, using the hashtag #LoveForNoah tweeted out her thanks to the airline.

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JetBlue's Twitter has been flooded with people expressing their thanks and respect for the gesture.

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The Facebook post:

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