Sorry Stephen: Colbert won't be the next S.C. Senator

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  Dec. 7, 2012 at 2:04 PM
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Is that a no, then?

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina seems to have put a stop to Stephen Colbert's ever growing political ambitions.

After Sen. Jim DeMint announced his resignation from the Senate Thursday, the Colbert Report host immediately launched a Twitter campaign to get himself appointed as DeMint's successor.

Haley, who will get to appoint the next Senator (much of the buzz surrounds Rep. Tim Scott), appeared to squash Colbert's campaign almost as soon as it got started.

"The Colbert Report Stephen, thank you for your interest in South Carolina's U.S. Senate seat and for the thousands of tweets you and your fans sent me," she wrote on her Facebook."

"But you forget one thing, my friend. You didn't know our state drink. Big, big mistake."

When Haley paid a visit to The Report back in March, Colbert challenged his fellow South Carolinian to a Palmetto-off.

He begins with a softball (the state bird, the Carolina wren), and she immediately stumps him with the state drink--milk.

"I didn't know my state was so boring," Colbert says, obviously shocked.

He fools her on the state amphibian (spotted salamander), but she gets him again on the state snack--boiled peanuts.

Colbert previously ran for President of the United States in 2008, originally planning to run as both a Republican and Democrat. He dropped his Republican bid when he discovered it would cost him $35,000 to get on the ballot, and the Democratic council refused to put him on the primary ballot because they did not consider him a serious candidate.

During the 2012 campaign, he also briefly announced a run for "President of the United States of South Carolina," and for a brief period signed over his Super PAC to Jon Stewart.

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